Architecture & Landscapes

“Our vision is to create architecture and exteriors that are symbolic to the lifestyle and personality of our clients, through design excellence, expertise, and innovation, creating a global mark of our brand.” – Ekta Ahuja

Interior and exterior planning, design and construction of residential and commercial spaces, including but not limited to, villas, apartments, farmhouses, offices, showrooms, restaurants, hotels, colleges, schools, and hostels.

Interior Designing

“My vision while designing is to weave together functionality and aesthetics… Keeping in mind the latest trends, colour palette, new materials, and most of all technology. Also, and more importantly, designing spaces should focus more on personality than trend following. I also believe it is my responsibility to make my client aware of the plethora of designs possible and explain what would work best for them.” – Ekta Ahuja

Merriam-Webster defines interior designing as “the art or practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings.” At Tejomaya, we offer all of that and much more, including but not limited to, restorationand renovation.