Ekta Ahuja, a celebrated architect and luxury interior designer, completed her schooling from St. Joseph’s High School, Pashan, and went on to pursue her passion with a degree from Dr. B. N. College of Architecture, Pune. She started her career under Architect Hafeez Contractor, who’s work culture and design ethos were both something that inspired and intrigued her in equal measure. An avid traveller with a keen interest in technology, Ekta defines her ever-evolving style as both “classic contemporary” and “maximalist.” Creating luxury scapes with the use of neutral tones in her hand-picked furniture and splashes of colour with her customised and curated artwork, artefacts, and soft furnishings, each space designed by Ekta tells a story of her clients, their vision, their passion, and their dreams.

A global connoisseur of luxury, with more than two decades of experience in the industry, what makes Ekta truly special is her ability to capture the client’s imagination and bring it to life in her design choices and implementation. From soft furnishings to colour palettes, from the utilisation of spaces to the incorporation of a design theme, Ekta is able to transform her client’s vision from an idea to actual brick and mortar. The philosophy behind her vision is simple. Each unique and luxurious creation must embody: (1) the spirit of the client, (2) the essence of the space, and (3) the surroundings it exists within. To this end, Ekta remains actively involved with each project from its ideation to completion, ensuring that each colour, each fabric, and each piece of metal, wood, glass, or stone is chosen by her to create the most unique and bespoke living and working spaces.

Ekta Ahuja is Pune’s most sought after luxury architect and designer, and she has found recognition in the form of both awards and features. She was awarded Femina Most Powerful 2021, in Business Connect she was featured as “A Credible Trendsetter in the Interior Designing Space,” and in Insight Success as “Inspiring Women in 2021.” Her work was also recognized in several renowned magazines, newspapers, and media (both digital and print). Some of which include Architecture + Design, Architect and Interiors India, Interiors & Decor, India Unicorn, MSG Architecture, Projects Monitor, Economic Times, Loksatta, Pune Mirror, Pune Prahar, Pune Satta, Pune Times, and NRI News.

Tejomaya Designs, a brainchild and vision of Ekta, is a leading architectural and interior design firm based out of Pune, India. With Ekta at the helm, and an experienced team of talented and young designers, supervisors, engineers, and contractors that have been handpicked by Ekta to work in harmony to create and curate the most luxurious living and working spaces, the company has over the years successfully completed several luxury architectural and interior design projects, including but not limited to residential apartments, villas, farmhouses, commercial projects, offices, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, and educational as well as recreational establishments.

Tejomaya Designs is built on Ekta’s ethos; literally meaning, “full of light”, the company prides itself on being able to deliver 100% client satisfaction each and every time, while also being able to harness the luxury quotient of any space and create bespoke, luxurious, environmentally-friendly, and automated living and working spaces. Each member of Tejomaya Designs is not only well-versed with the industry trends and new products but also has a finger on the pulse of the industry, staying up-to-date with all innovations and evolving styles. The rapid growth of the company and the ever-increasing list of prestigious projects along with the awards and recognition bestowed upon Ekta, is testimony to Tejomaya Design’s dedication and commitment to creating, curating, and delivering the absolute best in every project commissioned.