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Traditional aesthetics are always beautiful and timeless, but contemporary interior designs can also become inspiring and impactful. At Tejomaya, our modern interior design approach provides us enough room for artistic self-expression and experimenting with different materials and design elements. Swoon over our jaw-dropping lavish interior designs showcased in our Projects Gallery. As a luxurious home interior designer in Pune, we thoughtfully blend innovative lighting solutions, sophisticated home accessories, luxury furniture, and elegant designer furnishings.

Why Tejomaya?

Listed below are top reasons why you should choose Tejomaya - India's Top Luxury Designer in Pune, for all your luxurious home or office interior designing needs.

  • End-to-End Services: From a plethora of design options to sourcing, delivery, installation, and post-handover support, we have you all covered!
  • Complete Suite of Offerings: Our interior design services include everything from flooring to ceiling, wall decor, lighting, furniture, soft furnishings, artefacts, and more.
  • Customised Design Solutions: Whether you are looking for a minimalist yet elegant interior design or strikingly bold and luxurious interiors, we offer you design solutions that meet your specific requirements. So, if you are searching for a luxurious home interior designer in Pune, get in touch with our team at Tejomaya right away!
  • Hassle-Free Management: Right from design, delivery, and contracting to complete project management and beyond, we ensure that the project gets executed smoothly.
  • Top Architectural & Design Experts: Our talent pool includes the top architectural and interior design experts and an extensive network of highly skilled consultants, artisans, construction experts, and design professionals who offer the best design experience for our clients.

What Makes Us Unique?

Behind every luxurious interior design of any style is a well-thought-out plan. So, each step in the design process is crucial. Our luxury interior designers are the masterminds behind every magnificent space we seamlessly curate for our clients. If you are looking to transform your home into an ultra-uber living space, it is best to work with the most reliable and trusted luxurious home interior designer in Pune.

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Our contemporary works not only give the interiors a luxurious design appeal but also make a powerful impact on the entire industry as a whole. While residential interior designs are our forte, we also undertake corporate and commercial interior design projects.

What Luxury Interior Designing Means to Us?

The concept of luxury interior design varies according to personal preferences. However, the fundamental elements curated in all luxurious interior designs focus on quality, comfort, precision, and elegance for a refined appearance. That is precisely what makes high-end designs so desirable! As India's top luxury designer in Pune, we create high-end interior design spaces that dazzle with luxury! We emphasize the authentic personality and sense of style of the client.

So, luxurious interior designs can encompass some or all of the characteristics, such as class, sophistication, attention to detail, sense of proportion, pleasing ambiance and aura, and a distinct feeling of upscale living.