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Top Architects & Building Designers in Pune

Architecture is all about designing incredible buildings and structures of sheer beauty and grandeur. The maestros at Tejomaya have been at the forefront of architecture and interior designing for several years. That is why Tejomaya is ranked as one of the top architects in Pune today. We have been involved in different projects, stretching from single-family homes to offices, institutions, and industrial buildings. Our extensive portfolio of projects, comprising residential complexes, sky villas, corporate offices, and business spaces, makes up for the heart and soul of what we provide.

As one of the top architects in Pune, our comprehensive architectural services include planning and analysis, conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, and more. So, from site selection and zoning requirements to energy analysis and construction management, you can count on us for all your architectural and interior designing needs. We ensure strict compliance with all applicable building and structural laws, building code requirements, and necessary permits and certificates required for all kinds of buildings, new or old.

If you want a precise, modern, and original construction design for your dream house, or you want to renovate your home, then our expert architects at Tejomaya can help. We will find the perfect signature style for you! Moreover, our architects use sophisticated techniques to ensure that your building structure is stable and secure. Being notable architects & building designers in Pune, they have proven experience in creating spaces and modern buildings, turning your dreams and plans into reality!

Located within the posh realty hub of Koregaon Park, Tejomaya has gained a reputation of being trendsetting architects who go the extra mile in bringing the most creative design solutions for our esteemed customers. We believe that the best residential and commercial architecture comes from integrating design elements that inspire the building’s character. This philosophy has now become a benchmark for several architects & building designers in Pune.

Before the start of any project, we conduct a detailed analysis of what the customer really wants. Accordingly, we create formal blueprints, diagrams, and designs that are practical and desirable. From manual sketches to sophisticated architectural design software and the latest tools, we use different ways to make the design process fast and convenient. Using advanced technology and effective photomontages, we can help you visualize the architecture of your project site. This visualization enables us to make changes in the design before we start the groundwork.

Some of our best building and design concepts showcase innovative detailing and organic and natural forms in tune with nature! The creative use of glass, steel, and crystals in architectural and interior works has gone a long way in identifying us as one of the most forward-thinking top architects in Pune.

Using our exceptional architecture and creative skills, we always strive to create the most distinctive homes and buildings, interior designs, or landscape plans that can leave a mark in the fields of architecture and interior design.

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